Ramon Ariel De Los Santos 

Creative Director / Educator / Copywriter


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Client: Dick's Sporting Goods
Role: Copywriter
Company: Catalyst IMG

2015 Shorty Awards - Winner - Sports

About this Campaign
DICK's Sporting Goods challenged Catalyst to develop a social media campaign for the back-to-school retail season with these objectives:

1. Raise awareness and place DICK's Sporting Goods at top-of-mind for back-to-school sporting good needs

2. Create online buzz around the brand

3. Add a socially engaging dimension to the ad campaign developed for TV & online

For TV and digital, our clients developed a creative campaign and content series called "HELLWEEK," which documented one school's grueling week of football practice prior to the season.

To evolve this for social media, we wanted to emotionally evoke and inspire young athletes using multiple platforms to democratize #HELLWEEK, telling stories of schools across America, beyond football and importantly, including women. We embarked on a 30 day trip from Albuquerque, NM to Philadelphia, PA using compelling photography and video to illustrate young athletes preparing for their football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey seasons.

Content was captured and went through real-time post production in our mobile content studio (an RV). Each piece was edited natively to how consumers use each social platform (e.g. :15 second vids for Instagram vs. :06 loops for Vine) then published across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Pinterest, leveraging best practices for earned reach and engagement.

30 Day Campaign Results:

- Surpassed 40 million organic impressions

- Over 400,000 consumer engagements

- #1 Share of voice amongst competition

- Avg. Engagement Rate 3x brand's previous best campaign

- Top tweet had engagement rate of 46.38%, eclipsing Twitter engagement rate benchmarks by 835%